Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Installation is a Pain

I actually had a chance to try installing the game on Windows today. Did not go very smoothly. To circumvent the problem I have once again updated installation instructions and separated instructions for Linux and Windows this time. I just included all the necessary installers in the Windows package. With Linux users, I trust their ability to use their package managers to get what they need. I have no idea about the Mac installation process. I'll get on top of that later.

So I guess the next thing I'll be doing with this project is to package it up better. For Windows users I will make use of py2exe and then create an installer that gets all the necessities. For Linux I will make rpm and deb packages, which I hope will cover most distributions. I'll have to figure out what's the Mac equivalent of these. That means I have to steal someone's Mac for a while...

In good news tonight, I think I just tackled one big design problem yesterday. I'll tell more about it when I'm ready to release the next version, which will be 1.10 to indicate an actual gameplay change.

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