Sunday, February 27, 2011

Download Options and Installation

We have gone Python. I will write about the reasons soon but in the meanwhile, we are offering Hamsters and Plague for every platform that can run PyGame. Here are the installation instructions for Windows and Linux. It's still a bit of a hassle but I am working on improving the process. I am not sure how to install on Mac OS X, but I'd bet on the Linux route.


1. Download this file, extract it to a folder where you want the game to be in.

2. Go to the folder and run the Python installer.

3. Run the PyGame installer.

4. Run the Setuptools installer.

5. To play double click hamsters.pyw

Linux (and OS X?):

1. Install Python (2.x)

2. Install SDL development library. Building PyGame needs this.

3. Install setuptools

4. Run this command:


5. After the installation is done, type 'hamsters' to run the game.

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