Monday, February 28, 2011

Why Python?

There are at least three reasons. First of all, as those who have installed any XNA games know, XNA is needy. Installing a simple game like Hamsters and Plague takes a long time and lots of disk space unless its prerequisites already exist. While I still think that XNA is a really good framework for making games, the deployment issues does not make it viable for lightweight Windows games. I am planning to update the XNA version every now and then though, mostly because it allows for an easy Windows Phone 7 port. Anyway, PyGame, while also a little needy, needs a lot less. Oh and it runs on pretty much any operating system.

Secondly, I am more familiar with Python than I am with C#. This has the clear implication that I can prototype faster. It allows me to focus on design issues. It also allowed me to redesign parts of the code, especially the parts that were done in a hurry. This new code design makes it easier to test ideas. Of course, learning more about PyGame was also a bonus, since I have not really done any games with Python before. Now I know how. It also wasn't such a big project, maybe twenty hours or less.

The final reason is that I live in a technological stone age. At least when it comes to my computer. I run Kubuntu on an old PC. That means developing in Windows is kind of, well, impossible. Fortunately my computer has enough kick left in it to run Hamsters and Plague at least. The Python version of course. I have heard rumors that it's much easier to test your game if you can actually play it.

I guess that is all. With the port out of the way I can focus on making 1.02. I'm not sure yet how the game will develop but it will change. Wait and see!

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